Hi all,

Ive maxed out my TFSA held with a discount brokerage. Over the past few years I’ve been splitting the money in GICs. The return is pretty bad between 1 and 2%.

I have recently started looking at bonds. I didn’t understand what the bond price is for? They range between 99 and 101 dollars. Is that the price to purchase the bond from the brokerage?

Alternatively I have been reading about bond ETFs such as vanguard’s VAB or scotias ZAG. I have money outside of these accounts and I’m not really dependent on the TFSA monies but still I worked for it and don’t want to loose it.

I should mention I have an RRSP that I like to take a lot more risk with. In the RRSP I have VGRO and XBAL. Since I won’t be touching the RRSP for another 30 years I feel comfortable taking higher risk there.

I think I’m looking for some good options with the TFSA. I’m familiar with the Canadian couch potato and I’m considering the moderate risk protfolio.

Thanks for any replies.

Statistics: Posted by tribute4 — Feb 22nd, 2020 3:23 pm

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