It’s minor dilemma during these times, but we are blessed this is really our only financial dilemma currently.

I’m stuck as to if I want to keep making my monthly payments (we can afford it as we still currently have our income) or save it, but I’m not sure if I do make my payments and something happens if that means I’ll get penalized as I’m making payments during this forbearance.

We are planning our wedding, which we’d have the funds regardless of this forbearance, but saving more is always nice. I know that not making payments will push the maturity date back a few months which doesn’t bother me too much, what’s a few extra months compared to 9 more years. Also I do have one loan out currently at $4k which is really my only other debt I could possibly pay off.

I’m just proud of making payments early every month and wouldn’t mind keeping it up even with this opportunity just to get closer to ending it, but saving money is also really nice to help us achieve our goals faster than if we didn’t have this opportunity. Part of me is also worried I’ll get penalized for not making the payments haha. I’m kind of leaning towards leaving it in forbearance and not paying if I don’t have to. But what would you guys do?

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