Hi RFDers,

Looking for some advice. I have $120k USD that’s been managed by Morgan Stanley for about 4 years now. Note this is a joint portfolio with other family members. Returns have been great, low +10% for the past few years but underperformed my couch potato portfolio last year.

The thing is, that investment profit gets taxed 15% locally whereas my wife and I have not maxed out our TFSA and RRSP contribution room. Together, we have about $120 CAD remaining.

Is it a good idea to transfer the usd funds over and turn it to a ccp portfolio? My only hesitation is that I’d be converting the usd to CAD, but I’d be saving 15% in tax deductions in the long term.

Thank you in advance.

Statistics: Posted by gekaizer — Jan 29th, 2020 8:13 am

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