Hi everyone,

My roommate recently gave me basically no notice and ran off. She is my sublet and her Agreement does not end until August. I’m a university student who is the lease holder and I was subletting the extra room to her. I only have her credit score information, her parents are out of the country, she does not have a permanent address (other than mine, I guess?), all I know is – her bank account information (from the post dated cheques), previous addresses (which were also rentals/not permanent), phone number, school and program, and credit score. This was probably really stupid on my part, I now know to be more cautious when finding a tenant/renting.

Before her disappearance, she has talked about leaving and asked if I could post an ad to find a replacement for her (our Agreement states she may leave if she/we can find her a replacement, if not, she’s on the hook for rent until her tenancy is up). About a month pasts, and we can’t find anyone due to probably coronavirus. She then decided to pack her stuff and leave, I tried talking to her about it but she refused to listen to reason. She instead, self proclaims that the contract has been void… because she said so.. wtf.. I didn’t know what to do because it’s not like I could stop her. She finishes packing, leaves, and returns the keys. However, as per our Agreement she is responsible for the remaining months of rent and hiring a cleaner for her room, private washroom, her fridge portion and cabinets. Her washroom is literally molding and extremely disgusting, along with the fridge and cabinets. She also has not paid her part for internet since she’s moved in. I’ve tried reaching out to her to explain that I only want that I only want to collect the cleaning fees (or she can hire and send a maid herself) and the internet fees and I’ll tank the rent as a compromise (hoping I can find someone soon). However, she choose to ignore my messages and continues to be active on social media.

I’ve tried depositing her post-dated cheques, but I received a letter from my bank that there’s been a Stop Payment placed on them. I’m livid as I’ve tried my best to be a decent person and have tried every effort to compromise, only to be ignored. I’ve tried searching on RFD for some potential answers, the only two I found being 1) take her to a small claims court for the full amount ($4000+) or 2) cash the post-dated cheques at a Money Mart. Most of the threads I found were pretty old though, I would like to know if there’s any new information or advice that would be more relevant and in depth for 2020. If anyone has answer for the procedure, pros/cons, implications, etc. of options 1/2, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance and stay safe!!!

– A Very Stressed University Student

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