So you go to Tangerine … and you set up (with 2 micro-deposits) an external link with your RBC Day to Day Savings account (free bank account, where you are allowed one free debit transaction a month —- any other debit transactions in the same months are $2.00 each).

After you confirm the micro-deposits … and the link is established… you PULL $3.00 from that RBC account to your Tangerine (the debit transaction over at RBC is 1st debit transaction in that account in February … so it = Free transaction)

In a day or two … the money arrives to Tangerine no problem … and posted as a normal credit transaction over at Tangerine’s end

So you go to your RBC account … and see the following transaction there (no fees are showing by the way … not yet anyhow … and hopefully won’t show at all) :

Feb 12, 2020- Unpostable item paid – $3.00

WTF is Unpostable item paid ?? …Will that transaction be free (I HOPE SO).

And why don’t they call that transaction normally, for example, something like: “Pre-authorized Debit” … as it’s done at all other normal institutions?

Situations like this have been brought up on Making Sense of Security. Something sounds phishy.


You Google “RBC Unpostable item paid” … and some of the results shown there are quite unique … with some people going to RBC Facebook etc to ask them — “this transaction showed up in my account … why?” etc ..

Statistics: Posted by Darkman — Feb 14th, 2020 6:03 am

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