Hello r/PersonalFinance.

I will likely (fingers crossed) be receiving two job offers this week. Obviously I can’t be certain, but I’ve just finished three rounds of interviews with both organizations and was recently asked by both to provide three references (who I know will speak highly of me).

Here’s my question. One of the organisations also asked me to complete a “resume supplement” that, among other things, asks for my annual salary expectations. I’m tempted to put “open to negotation” or something similar, because I don’t want to box myself into a range and end up being underpaid. Additionally, I want to wait until I (hopefully) have both job offers because this might give me some leverage in a negotiation. I suspect that the other organization, which didn’t ask me for my salary expectations, will offer me a higher salary. However, I’m actually more interested in the first job.

Any thoughts on how to proceed? What if they push me to give a specific range?


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