As the title says, I received a new TD Visa Debit card a few months back (old one reached the expiry date), and went to use the new one for the first time on and it was denied. Talking to, they stated their logs show it was denied/declined due to the transaction use/type.

I know TD doesn’t allow their regular Visas on that site/for gambling, but I’m a bit shocked my Visa Debit doesn’t work. Has anyone else with a newer card (replaced since September or so) noticed the same? Likely calling them later, given this was my only way to fund that site (no one else seems to have Visa Debit and no one supports Interac Online anymore), and it made it easy to buy Lottomax or 649 when the jackpots were why or there were subscription promos.

Statistics: Posted by Conundrum1911 — Dec 30th, 2019 2:55 pm

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