Hey there,

So currently I work in Telecom, making about $50K a year.

I am in my mid 20s, and me and my girlfriend are staying with her parents right now. It's kind of a split house, so we get privacy. But we do assist financially of course.

We just started saving so we don't have much saved.

As of right now, I bring home $1205 every two weeks.

With all of my bills, I have roughly $1400 left over a month. This isn't counting food, vet visits and anything else that may pop up. I have cut out anything I don't need to pay for. We don't pay rent either currently, but do assist in other areas.

We currently do not have anything saved.

I live in Central/Upstate NY and the average cost for just an Apartment that would support my dogs and us both would run about $800-1000+

My girlfriend is currently doing her own business work, but it doesn't net as much as she should in our area in her position. It's freelance. So we don't really count her income. She intends on finding a new position though.

The new position is ranging from $69-80K a year, and salaried. I would have to possibly relocate 2 hours away, forcing us to move out earlier than we intended. The job is possibly work from home though, but it's on the table.

If I have roughly $1400 left over a month and rent would be most of that, obviously the best choice is my girlfriend starting a new job. But I'm not sure that it makes sense financially for me to move for the pay increase.

If we get our own place, rent will be majority of that remaining balance, which right now is $1400 leaving us $400.. With the pay raise maybe about $800-900 I'm assuming.

Right now our primary objective is to save as much as possible, while her parents are accommodating, be stable and move out and buy a house and start our full life the right way. I'm just not sure it makes sense to interrupt the savings with taking in $1000 rent, etc.

If I do get it and can do work from home however it's a no brainer.

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