Making sure I don’t miss out any credits & benefits. My situation is pretty common / straight forward, living in ONTARIO

* dual income household (T4s)
* children (daycare)
* investments (T3, T5)
* Lending Loop (very small amount)
* Charitable / donation
* Mortgage

Since the auto-fill, practically almost everything is filled up already. I reviewed & compared with every slip that I got to make sure there’s no mismatch.

What else should I review to make sure I got all the credits / benefits that I can get? So far, the only things I need to add **manually** to StudioTax filling is:

* daycare (-> I believe the lower income spouse should to fill this?)
* Climate change initiative (-> I believe the lower income spouse should to fill this? or should both claim it in their tax return?)
* Donations (-> I believe the higher income spouse should fill this?)
* Lending Loop (did not get T3/T5 from them, so I am entering them manually)

I almost missed the daycare one, that would have been huge $ miss. Anything else I might have missed?

Statistics: Posted by insighthraa — May 7th, 2020 8:28 am

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