I’m confused about the natures of and relationships between the Acculink, Exchange, and Ding Free ATM networks. I’ll say some things I think are true, but I’m certain I’m wrong about some of them and/or have incomplete information, so please disabuse me of my misconceptions.

  1. Acculink and The Exchange are separate ATM networks. Acculink is owned by the Canadian Credit Union Association and The Exchange is owned by Fiserv (or is it Ficanex?).
  2. All Canadian credit unions except Meridian are on Acculink, but only some are on The Exchange.
  3. Some banks are on The Exchange, but the only bank on Acculink is Alterna Bank, since their parent company is a credit union.
  4. Some ATMs are on both Acculink and The Exchange, while others are only on one. The ones that are only on Acculink are pretty much all in the prairies.
  5. Ding Free is not an ATM network itself, but rather some sort of cooperation between Acculink and The Exchange. This is odd because Ding Free’s website mentions Acculink and The Exchange zero times.
  6. Yet Ding Free is owned by Central 1 Credit Union. I don’t understand what role they play.
  7. Ding Free is essentially just a marketing term.
  8. A Ding Free ATM is one that’s on either Acculink or The Exchange. Not all Ding Free ATMs are on both.
  9. If your financial institution is only on one of Acculink or The Exchange, you will still get hit with a surcharge on some Ding Free ATMs, namely the ones that are only on the other ATM network.
  10. The Ding Free logo doesn’t appear on any ATMs. They only have logos for Acculink and/or The Exchange.

I’m certain some of this is incorrect, or at least horribly incomplete. Finding information about this is surprisingly difficult.

I would appreciate if you guys would correct what I’ve gotten wrong and explain what Acculink, The Exchange, and Ding Free are, and what relationships exist between them. I feel this would be much simpler if Ding Free didn’t exist.

Statistics: Posted by someweirdo — Oct 31st, 2019 7:58 am

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