After reading countless posts about retirement savings and how important it is to begin as soon as you have the money available, I funded 2019 and 2020 Roth IRA's yesterday and am ready to invest for retirement. After you read a little bit about me and my goals, please make any suggestions. This board has been highly beneficial in helping me recover from a traumatic divorce and move on financially. So thankyou very much!



Income 115k- employer doesn't offer retirement plans

Bay Area resident (rent is $2155 for 1 bedroom apt)

Savings for house 100k in HYSA(thanks personal finance!)

Emergency fund- $20k also in HYSA

Roth- 12k

SEP- 10k

Debts: student loan of $5500 @5% interest. $124 a month

No car note

No credit card debt

Starting Health Savings Account in April 2020.

I started bank account and credit card churning in December. Already received $800 in rewards cash

I save roughly $3500 a month and according to nerdwallet I need to begin investing $2k a month to reach $2 million by 67. So that's what I'm going to do, but am in dire need of suggestions of what to invest in. Im not looking to get 15% returns, I am fairly risk averse and would like something I can just throw money at and not look at it for a decade.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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