It’s practically tax time and it;s the time of year when many look around for receipts and and documentation they may need to include with their tax filings. But you may not be able to find it. You may have misplaced an item. You question yourself: Did I leave it in the car? Did I throw it out with the mail? Is it on my desk at home or at work? You think- I know it is here somewhere!!!

The question is-WHERE?

Some look forward to tax time as they may be getting a refund. How fun is that!?! Yet, some absolutely dread tax season.

Regardless, the one method many neglect is being organized throughout the year to keep this duty simple.

With the new year, many need to focus on becoming organized and staying organized. All it takes is just a few simple office items to organize your papers and to-do’s to set you on your way to a better mentality of freedom.

Think about…

When we literally organize ourselves whether it be paperwork, receipts, to-do, to-buy, to-complete-to-see, etc…, once we complete it, we feel more relieved mentally and feel a more complete sense of peace about us because we can let ourselves relax.

It doesn’t take much.

You can start with

By starting with a few things can help you to develop a system to promote organization. Afterall, no one enjoys being disorganized.

Having the proper items to place items to follow up with, filing monthly receipts, product warranties, gas receipts and even restaurant receipts truly helps with anyone being organized whether its tax time or year-round.

Other items one may consider to become more organized are these…

. . . . . . .

Deciding to get organized once a year is good. Yet, becoming organized monthly and staying ahead of the game is even better!

Feel inspired? Great! Get to it!

What do YOU use to stay organized?