Can anyone advise on their experience with CAA and/or Sonnet for home/auto? I’ve looked into Aviva, Scottish & York, Square One, Bel-Air. Costco. I also tried using some of the insurance broker online quotes –, etc.
So far, CAA and Sonnet are the best rates for us.

I’ve been doing some insurance shopping for the last few weeks. and so far, the best rates I’ve found is CAA for auto insurance and Sonnet for home insurance.  We’ve been with TD (Meloche Monnex) for the last 6 years but our auto is going up an additional $400 this year (to $285 a month) and our home went up another $100 to about $90/month. 

For Sonnet – their home insurance is $52 a month compared to TD which is almost double that for the same coverage. I did see a lot of mixed reviews for Sonnet with some folks really happy with their rates and others complaining that their policies skyrocketed after the first year which concerns me.

For auto – CAA was really cheap for me because they have a program called MyPace which is basically like pay as you go – so you pay per 1,000 km which seems good for people who don’t do a lot of driving.  I work from home and when I did the quote online, it said my cost was going to be $482 a year. However, when I called in, my cost doubled because they found an at-fault accident.  If you are interested in those details, I posted a separate thread here about that.

With the accident the cost went up significantly. (The price goes up to $700 yearly instead of $150 yearly for the insurance benefits portion. Each 1,000 km is still the same for me at $330.) With the hike, it’s still about $500 less than I’d pay for my renewal, although I would not be limited by mileage. Technically, I don’t really need it because I just use my car for errands/pickups, etc, but the only way I can get close to the rate CAA is offering is if I park it and just throw on insurance for fire/theft/collision.

I did try going through a few brokers (PC Insurance, some online ones and a couple people that friends recommended) and they weren’t able to get me as good a deal. I’m just wondering if the MyPace is too good to be true.  

Also, Sonnet is offering half the cost for home insurance. That seems great but I’m not sure about the quality of service. Or if I’m setting myself up for any issues if we ever needed to do a claim. Usually when I find a better deal, TD will match it but this time they wouldn’t even try to even come down a little.

I was hoping someone could shed some insight into their experience when it comes to ditching their long-term insurers and elsewhere. I really don’t love change so it’s hard for me to change providers, but I don’t love the fact that they keep hiking up the rates. Plus they tacked on an at-fault ruling which I felt to be unreasonable.

Statistics: Posted by Nikitty — May 9th, 2020 9:49 pm

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