14 months ago, I started a new job as a Sys Admin. I told my boss that I have an AA in IT but on my linkedin account, I have that I have an AA and going to school for a BA. During my intro to the company, my boss’s boss’s boss told everyone I had a BA. I was actually going to school at the time, but life has since changed and i had to stop. Surprisingly, I actually got a 20% raise since I started without having to ask for it!

I want to eventually take my boss’s job when he’s done. He’s considered an IT manager and I know about 85% of what he knows except he has a BA. Should I be concerned that I only have an AA? Not only for this company, but even with other companies? I also currently have my A+, Network+, and security+ certs. Going for my azure cert as well in the near future.

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