What are your thoughts on financing vs paying in full when shopping for a new car. I’m in need of a new car as my old one have just reached its limit. I’ve been shopping around, still not quite sure what I want yet. But I do have a bit of money in savings that I could put as a down payment on a newer car. Then I make about 1500 a month after taxes, take 500 out for monthly expenses, I can afford a $300-$400 car payment a month. The reason I’m looking into financing is cause I only have 15000 in savings, and I don’t want to put all that money into a car, just in case something happens. Safety features and readability are important to me, so I’m leaning towards like a $20-$25k range. I put like 10k down then monthly payments for the rest. I’m not entirely sure just tryin to get some extra feedback before making such a big decision

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