Hey folks. I work at a business with multiple locations, I work at one that’s pretty far from the central office. They refuse to mail my check to me for reasons that change every time I ask, and even though they have people driving between the central office and my office every damn day, they won’t give it to one of these people to drop off in my letter box. What they want me to do is, on a weekday, during business hours, when I’m not working (which happens occasionally, but isn’t the usual thing), drive over to the central office and pick it up myself.

I don’t think they’re engaging in any tomfoolery with their funds, I think they just don’t give enough of a shit. It’s not life or death for me, because I’ve got decent savings, but it’s getting to the point where they’re almost a whole pay period behind, and it’s just annoying the fuck out of me. Doesn’t this constitute constructive withholding of wages or something?

Your first question is, why no direct deposit? Because my bank is a piece of shit, that’s why. I’m changing when this whole plague thing blows over, but for the moment, I’m stuck.

Second question, why work there? I’m looking into alternatives, but again, for the moment, I’m stuck.

Thanks in advance.

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