Hey guys, may be a bit long but I appreciate feedback here.

So, I’m 24 and currently working in the auto industry in sales. I hate what I do but my job has a lot of potential for good income and sometimes I have made good money being here. Problem is I feel really drained and not motivated despite having all the motivation I need. I currently have an auto loan with a $20k balance and plenty of credit card debt. My expenses look like this.

Rent $630 Auto loan $470 Insurance $220 CC debt $650

That’s without food, gas, or spending literally anything else. In my position, I could make up to $10k a month, but the last few months I’ve felt so burnt out I’ve been doing more like $3k a month. I don’t want to be in this industry anymore and I’m definitely unhappy, but I don’t know what I could move into that could earn me ~$5k/mo. I’ve got retail, sales, customer service, and management experience. Do I just need to get my ass in gear and get over how much I hate it to make good money here and dig myself out of debt? Sorry if this is a bit rambly and stupid, thanks.

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