Getting featured on websites, in magazines, on TV, and more is such a great way to grow a blog and business.

In fact, it’s the main way that I hope to grow my business in 2021.

More people are consuming media now than ever before, and the press is hungry for new stories to fill their pages and air time.

And, this is a great way to grow your business.

Getting featured can allow you to reach more people, get more readers, grow your business, and more.

If you want to impact more people with your message and join the ranks of those who regularly get “featured in…”, you must join us at this online event that my friend Selena Soo is hosting…

From Best Kept Secret to Industry Leader: The Live Experience

​By attending this never-before-seen experience, you will:

  • Learn Selena’s epic journey – going from introverted and unknown entrepreneur to highly-visible leader. You’ll hear the jaw-dropping story of how she overcame her fear of visibility to create a wildly-successful, multi 7-figure business.
  • Discover how to confidently deliver the exact stories that the media is craving. During the event, you’ll develop three compelling story ideas that you can pitch right away with Selena’s guidance and her senior media coach Lynya Floyd.
  • Craft an exciting strategy to get publicity in the next 60 days… even if you’re a beginner, naturally shy, or don’t have much time.
  • Hear the remarkable story of how one health coach went from ignored & overlooked to finally getting a flood of opportunities, including magazine spreads, speaking gigs, and a national TV appearance with one of Oprah’s health experts.

Click here to register and choose a time that works for you.


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