Am I remembering things incorrectly, or has it always been this way? I recall the middle 8 numbers being xxxx-xxxx in the past statements. or even all first 12 numbers x'd out with only the last 4 visible for you to confirm which account you're reviewing on paper. I'm 100% paperless, so I rarely look at the actual physical statement. Instead, I'm keeping tabs on my account charges and balance through the online portal. To my surprise, I see all 16 of my CC numbers listed when I pulled a copy of my CC statement to use as proof of residency. I know it's generally useless w/o the expiration date and CVC number, but it's still concerning to me that the ENTIRE card number is listed. I checked all of my cards' statements across multiple banks, and they all list the entire 16 digits.

Thankfully, none of my statements gets mailed home, but it bothers me that even the PDF version has the full account number listed.

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