It’s almost that time of year again when we start worrying about getting ready for tax return preparation. This makes us think about not just our taxes but our credit. Credit is one of those concerns that people tend to check it only once a year or if they happen to have an issue. Well we can get our free annual credit report once a year from

I have always suggested two people to get their credit reports three times a year or add to space it out quarterly. Such as with the annual credit report you can get your reports from the three main bureaus such as Equifax Experian and Trans Union with those three and 12 months in a year every four months you can get a free credit report from each of them annually. However though many credit card companies now provide your score for free with their services. This is great so that way you can keep tabs on your credit not just monthly but even a weekly or even daily depending on how obsessed you want to get.

Many of the big credit card companies will use what is called credit wise such as capital one does. This final collaborates with Trans Union. The concern with Trans Union is that they usually show with a lower score out of all the three credit reporting bureaus. Further they don’t have all the information on there such as car loans or mortgages. Equifax despite their data breach is the better score as it reflects higher. Experian is not utilized as much from some companies to determine your credit. Rather, it is common for businesses to determine credit from TransUnion.

Nonetheless, if your cards offer your free credit score, use it and check it. I suggest more often than monthly such as weekly.

There is also free credit report and monitoring services such as and also I have used both. is my preference as it provides a full report. The reflects as a basic summary and promotes more companies to they are compensated.

Which ever one youse choose depends on what you want from the service.

As technology has advanced, so has the ability to eliminate any excuse to not pay attention to our credit.

To truely know your score, you can always trust

Happy New Year!