Hello, curious for any insights! My old employer used Vanguard for 401k's. New employer is using Principal. For about ten years I was always just in Vanguard's Target Retirement 2050 fund, it seemed simple enough. Initially I did the same thing with Principal (it is actually a T Rowe Price Fund), but am starting to learn more and take retirement more seriously. I just noticed that the Expense ratio for this T Rowe Price 2050 Target Retirement Fund is 0.52%.

1 – Does that seem high?

2 – I have been reading about how to essentially build my own target retirement fund with the three-fund portfolio concept. Based on what I am seeing in the available plans, would something like this make way more sense?

Vanguard 500 Index Admiral Fund (VFIAX) – 70% – 0.04% expense

Vanguard Total International Fund (VTIAX) – 20% – 0.11% expense

Vanguard Inflation Protected Securities – 10% – 0.10% expense (does that mean bonds?)

I also read that the US fund should really be a TOTAL fund, and if I am only in a fund that tracks the S&P 500, I should back it up with a mid cap fund. I see Vanguard's VIMAX with a 0.05% expense ratio is there. So maybe I do 50% VFIAX and 20% VIMAX instead of the full 70% to VFIAX? That's where I get really confused.

Overall, I want to be aggressive. Retirement is 25-30 years away. Would love help with the specific percentages and also if this is just a good idea in general. I am happy to look at it and r-adjust every few years.

Thanks so much!

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