50 Top Stock Picks That Billionaires Love

They say on Wall Street that if you want to make a small fortune, start by investing a large one.

The billionaires and big-time money managers below all have fortunes of various sizes, and studying which stock picks they’ve chased with their capital ain’t a half-bad idea. After all, there’s a reason why the rich get richer.

No, you can’t become a billionaire solely by copying their every move, but it’s always interesting – and often constructive – to know what the “smart money” is up to. Their resources for research, as well as their intimate connections to insiders and others, can give them a unique insight into their stock picks.

Here are 50 top stock picks of the billionaire class. In all cases, these companies represent major holdings (5% or more) of at least one ultra-wealthy person or large hedge fund, if not several. In many cases, these stocks are owned by multiple billionaires. And while several of these investments are popular blue chips, others keep a much lower profile.

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