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ways to grow your savings fast

Are you looking to learn how to grow your savings fast?

Today, I’m going to talk about some of the best ways to save money, and they can be quite easy as well.

Some will be a no-brainer and extremely easy (such as adding an easy browser extension), whereas others may take more time (such as finding ways to make extra money), but they can all help you to grow your savings so that you can change your life.

Growing your savings fast may allow you to:

  • Pay off your debt quicker
  • Save for something big, such as a vacation
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Save for retirement

And so much more!

how to grow your savings fast

Use Capital One Shopping

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Capital One Shopping also compares prices for items on Amazon, Target, and more. So, while you are shopping, Capital One Shopping will tell you if a better deal is found, so that you can save the most amount of money.

You do not have to be a Capital One customer in order to use Capital One Shopping. There are no ads either, and it is completely free!

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Save money when grocery shopping

Grocery expenses are usually one of the biggest bills for a family each month.

To save money when grocery shopping, I recommend:

  • Meal planning so that you know exactly which ingredients you need to purchase. This will help you cut back on food waste as you will be shopping with a specific grocery list.
  • Only grocery shop when you’ve had a meal beforehand. Shopping when you are hungry will lead to many additional purchases!
  • Get a grocery store’s loyalty card so that you can get additional savings.
  • Shop the sales, and if there’s a good sale – stock up!

Build a budget

Budgets can help you grow your savings fast, and that is because you will know where your money is coming from and going to all the time.

There will be fewer surprises, as you’ll know exactly how much money you are working with.

Whether you create a budget with a pen and paper, or online with something such as a spreadsheet, there are many options for you.

But, the key here is to properly track your income and expenses.

Find a cable TV alternative

So many people overspend on cable TV each month and every single year. In fact, the average person spends around $100 to $200 a month on their TV bill.

Perhaps you’re even paying for cable TV, plus a bunch of subscription services such as Netflix, Hulu, and more?

I recommend sitting down and seeing how much you spend on TV each month, and cutting your bill down.

You can read more about this at 16 Alternatives To Cable TV To Save You Money.

Be sure to check out Blissfull Bucks for more tips on money and financial tips.

Make extra money

There are many different ways to make extra money, and this is a great way to grow your savings lightning fast.

You could start your own business on the side, find a part-time job, sell items for profit, and more.

This option will take more time than the rest of the list above, but it can definitely be well worth it.

One thing I always like to point out is that the average person watches around 35 hours of TV each week. Even if you could only make extra money for half of that time (around 17 hours per week), that could be a nice chunk of money to earn with your free time.

How can I increase my savings fast?

I hope you enjoyed this list of 5 ways to quickly grow your savings. As a recap, these include:

  1. Using Capital One Shopping
  2. Finding a cable TV alternative
  3. Creating a budget
  4. Grocery shopping tips
  5. Ways to make extra money

What are you currently doing to quickly grow your savings?

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